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05 July 2016

We fall for confitures parisiennes

“There is jam which is toasted and jam there is eaten with a spoon.” This slogan is the credo of Nadège and Laura, creators of homemade Confitures Parisiennes.

With style and taste, these two passionate make us rediscover the pleasure of organic jam, homemade, made of surprising and tasty blends. The goal ? To taste what was never tasted. The Confitures Parisiennes have 6 mandatory rules:

  • Make us eat the best fruit: the Homemade Confitures Parisiennes are fabricated with seasonal fruits. In return, we never eat twice the same jam. The seasons are different so does the fruit. More fruits and vegetables composing the homemade jams are from organic farming.


  • Do not use white sugar: The Confitures Parisiennes are good for the body and for our taste papilla!


  • A mastered cooking: Cooking in two steps is a skill that guarantees sense of explosion in the mouth. The first firing ensures that the fruit is “open” to sugar followed by a rest period of one night. A second firing did get our jam flavor and substance worthy jams of our grandmothers.


  • A small amount jam: A small quantity cooking for better quality. This also limits waste.


  • Environmental protection: Pots are fully recyclable.


  • An amazing combination of tastes: For example, the wild strawberry « Mara wood » mixed with the Marmande tomato and basil while the latest addition to these homemade jams is “gelée des nuits – Saint Georges” is composed of the Burgundy wine Nuits Saint Georges.


What? Organic homemade jams with surprising tastes.

Where ? In many grocery stores in Paris and throughout France including: Colette (213 rue Saint Honoré), Budget (38 rue de Sevres) or groceries Young Man (17 rue de Bourgogne).

Price: 15 € homemade jam pot.