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23 August 2016

5 places in the footsteps of the Kings of France in Paris

You are passionate about history and the kings of France? The Buci hotel reveals its list of five monuments to visit to learn more about these monarchs of the past.

  • The Château de Vincennes: On the edge of Paris, the castle was the home to several dynasties of kings. It is the largest surviving royal castle with a tower considered as the highest in Europe (52m). Built in 1410 in the style of a hunting lodge by Louis VII, it was developed by Philippe Auguste in a royal residence. But this castle is best known for being the home of Louis IX aka “St. Louis.” This king was the first in France to introduce a form of justice, was used to go to Bois de Vincennes, to listen to the demands of the People. Many kings succeeded each other before Louis XIV prefered Versailles. Small detail: If there is a hundred-year flood, the Château de Vincennes was chosen to host the Elysee!

What? The Chateau de Vincennes
Where ? Avenue de Paris, 94300 Vincennes
When? Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

  • The Sainte-Chapelle: This church in the heart of Paris on the Ile de la Cité, is an architectural masterpiece and a landmark of the Gothic period. Not far from the Saint Michel in Paris, it was built in 7 years at the request of St. Louis and was intended to house various relics of the Passion like the Crown of Thorns and a piece of the cross. Despite the abandonment of the Royal Palace, situated on the bank opposite of Saint Michel in Paris, as a residence by Charles V, the Holy Chapel was always honored by the different dynasties that have succeeded. Now it is admired by the general public not for his relics which have disappeared but for the stained-glass windows that compose it. Indeed, during the visits you can admire more than 1113 stained-glass. A true moment of marvel and grace!

What? Sainte-Chapelle
Where ? 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris
When? Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm.
Prices: Full price € 10; Concessions € 8

  • The Palace of Versailles: no introduction for this monument that attracted last year more than 7 million visitors. Representative of the glory and splendor of the French kings in the 17th / 18th century, the palace will dazzle you with its Hall of Mirrors, the royal apartments and gardens. Discover the splendor of the area of the Sun King, which illuminated not only France but also Europe in his time and even today. Every Saturday and Sunday until 30 October, admire the musical fountains and until 17 September be amazed by the great waters every Saturday night. Petit Plus: Starting in September, the famous chef Alain Ducasse will be opening a glitzy restaurant on the Place d’Armes.

What? The Palace of Versailles.
Where ? Place d’Armes 78000 Versailles
When? Castle: daily except Monday from 9 am to 6:30pm
            The Trianon and the Estate of Marie Antoinette: daily except Monday from 12am to 6:30pm
            Grounds: daily from 8am to 8:30pm (except Saturdays large nocturnal waters: 5:30pm)
Prices: Castle: € 15 full price; € 13 discount.
Passport (all included): 18 €; € 25 day Grandes Eaux Musicales.

  • The Conciergerie: The Palace of the city, opposite to the district of Saint Michel in Paris, was the residence of the rulers from the 10th to 15th century. It lost it presence facing the castle of the Louvre under the reign of Philip II Augustus. The City Palace was transformed in the state prison during the French Revolution and took the name of “Conciergerie”. It was, also, nicknamed the anteroom of Death under the Terror since the prisoners were judged and guillotined there the next day, such as Robespierre. This famous prison, located minutes from the district of Saint Michel in Paris, is known to have received Marie Antoinette during her last days and her cell has also been restored.

What? Conciergerie
Where ? 2 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris
When? Every day from 9:30am to 6pm.
Rate ? Full price € 8.50; Reduced Price 6.5 €.

  • The Basilica of Saint-Denis: This Basilica located 5km from Paris is the culmination of this journey over the kings of France. It is one of the largest burial complexes in the world with no fewer than 42 kings, 36 queens, 63 princes and princesses and 10 servants of the kingdom were buried in its premises. Among the most important personalities are buried in the basilica, you will find Marie Antoine and Louis XVI, François 1st or Henry II and Catherine de Medici. A unique place in the world.

What? The Basilica of Saint-Denis.
Where ? 1 Rue de la Légion d’Honneur, 93200 Saint-Denis
When? Until September 30, Monday to Saturday from 10am at 6:15pm; Sunday from 12am at 6 :15pm.
Prices ? 8.5 € full price; 6.5 € discount.